St. Louis Bandits

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Mission Statement

St. Louis Bandits

To serve our community with pride and passion as a quality example of individual and team excellence on the field, in the office, at the arena and within the community by consistently exceeding our customers' expectations by demonstrating the highest character, appreciation and respect for our game, customers, teammates and partners as a cost-effective and visionary organization providing a total entertainment experience.


Fan's Bill of Rights

In furtherance of our Mission Statement we, the players,  AAL League are thankful to the Fans that we serve, appreciate their support and dedicate ourselves collectively to protecting their rights as the greatest sports and entertainment Fans in the world. 

We believe that every Fan is entitled to a wholesome environment for guests and family members, free of violence, profane gestures and language or rude and invasive behavior that could in any way interfere with a first-class entertainment experience. We believe that every Fan demands that we maintain absolute respect for the game of American  Arena League and maintain the integrity of the finest of fair competition at all times. 

We believe that every Fan deserves our very best effort on a consistent basis, on every play on the field, every action in the stands, every call to our office, and every involvement in our community. 
We believe that every Fan is entitled to a total entertainment experience at an affordable cost for all members of the family from the time they arrive at the arena to the time they depart. 
We believe that every Fan should receive the very best in competitive football, entertainment, merchandise, food and beverage for their purchasing power. 

We believe that every Fan is entitled to interact with and have access to players and coaches for autographs and conversation in recognition of their support at every game. We believe that Fans are entitled to fast, accurate, and complete information about our players, coaches, league, games, and performance. 

We believe that Fans expect the American  Arena Football League to be composed of gentlemen and ladies who are examples and role models for youth, free of physical violence, drugs, alcohol, and gambling abuse. 

We believe that Fans expect us to honor our country and to be involved in our communities to make contributions for a better, safer, and more positive place to live.

We believe that Fans should know that we are committed to serve and not to be served, to give and not to just take, and to inspire and encourage people to higher levels of personal and professional achievement, growth, maturity, and respect for each other 


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